Beer 🍺


Please tell me something
Why people curse my name
Why when trouble happens
I’m always to blame

I’m just a drink
Made to quench the thirst
After having several
Most people behave worse

I’m made from wheat
Barely, rice or malt
Because people enjoy me
It’s not my fault

Some drink for courage
Some drink for fun
Some to look cool
Some to become numb
No matter the reason
I’m still just a drink
It’s up to you to control
Your actions and what you think

Some people act stupid
When filled with me
Others laughing, some abusive
I affect everyone differently

Remember it’s the person
Who has the control?
So stop making me
Play the bad-guy role

Written Poems Dealing With Relationships By Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins



    HI ANGELA (NICE NAME !) I am pleased you showed the ubiquitous PINT in what we call a HANDLE ~ a Glass Tankard and not a plastic TUBE ! My Poem today is in PRAISE of GLASS ! The trouble with MEN(I'm 35) is that they have little or no self-control and ONE or TWO pints is enough to be HAPPY & still sober. Most beers are under 5% Alcohol so a Pint of Beer is equivalent to one glass of vino ! I normally drink Beer with a Meal and often just one Pint (honest). Englishmen are Gentlemen but after THREE PINTS (or more) they become AGGRESSIVE (towards other Men) and LECHEROUS (towards Ladies) which is a PITY ~ and that is the the Message in your excellent POEM. Thanks for caring and sharing ~ If ever we have DINNER you know I am a ONE PINT MAN (or TWO at the most !) ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

    • Xeson

      Just loved your response, I just wanted to get the point across, to quit making excuses for bad behavior...

      • Xeson

        Have you read my poem..I really love that woman... you might like it,it is NOT what you think. It might make you smile

      • w c

        I enjoyed it, xeson.

        • Xeson

          Thanks for taking the time to read and comment

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