A Thought On My Mansion

I have no idea,
what my mansion will look like,
when it is my time to see it,
but after two-thousand years,
in the making,
I am sure that it will be perfect.
It will be custom made,
with a beautiful front porch,
with mahogany ceiling fans,
over head.
It with be supported,
by beautiful marble columns,
with three beautiful front steps.
After seeing,
the magnificent beginning,
of my new place,
made of Jerusalem stone,
I open the big,
mahogany doors,
as I walk inside my home.
I am greeted by,
a gold chandelier,
that's light runs only on beauty,
and everything,
is made by Jesus,
just to fit the new me.
I cannot fathom,
what the rest,
of the inside looks like.
Seriously, I cannot.
So instead,
I will take you
to the next room -
the enormous spacious garage.
With no need for cars,
it will have,
the softest carpet,
strictly for my enjoyment.
It has insulated,
air conditioning,
with a fridge full of small refreshments.
I'll have a river with a dock,
with the best fishing rod,
waiting for me,
whenever I want,
to use it.
I can catch,
any fish I want,
whether it be tiny,
or so big that I cannot move it.
The best vineyards,
filled with purple grapes,
will grow as far as the eye can see.
They will always be in season,
for all of my friends and me.
My backyard,
will be filled,
with the best olive trees,
and underneath,
my mansion's clay tiled mansard roof,
there will be ten big balconies.
There is also a stone cellar,
a huge bathroom,
a big kitchen with kitchen wear.
Along with the,
mahagony doors,
there are also french doors,
I do not know,
what my mansion will look like,
but I know,
it will be custom made for me,
from the beautifully planned,
plumbing and piping,
to the beautiful landscaped trees.

Ive got a MANSION ~ just over the Hilltop
In that bright land where we'll never grow old
And some day younder ~ we'll never more wander
But walk on Streets that are pure as GOLD ~ AMEN

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