Where Does Inspiration Come From?

Pen on paper, no thoughts cone to mind,

As if when I look, they run and hide.

But when I’m busy or trying to sleep,

My thoughts start screaming. Arise from the deep.


Art cannot be forced, it cannot be farmed,

It cannot be taught, it cannot be harmed.

Inspiration will find you!

Like rope it will bind you.


One day you’ll be up in the fucking sky.

The next; you’ll be wanting to fucking cry.

Forget all your friends. Forgive all your enemies,

Because inspiration will consume all your energies.


Like this poem for example.






    Hi Lawless, this is Lawless. Nice to read your work again.

    You're absolutely right; we can not force our artistic endeavors. This is a fine inspirational piece.

    There is a bird dog here that might bust your balls concerning the profanity. He'll ask you to make it 18+. Like it matters these days!

    Please use a larger font for us old timers!

    • Anonamus

      He lawless, i do apologise for the swearing, and the size. I typed this on my phone and had a bit of trouble with all the settings. But im glad you liked it.

    • Goldfinch60

      That inspiration comes from the strangest places and at the most inconvenient times. Good write.

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