Cindy Christmas

Friends With The Ex

Do you and her still have sex?rnIs that why you are still friends with your ex?rnBecause you all don't have any children,rnand she is no longer your woman.rnYou and your ex broke up because you said, “The chemistry wasn't there,”rnbut now that you got someone, she is up on you like your pubic hair, and it is total disrespect.rnCan't you see that she's a threat?rnYou will never get over herrnbecause you all keep talking to each other.rnBut you know what? It doesn't matter.rnI just hope you won't be mad when your girl gives her ex her number.rn

My FIANCEE is in New Zealand for a YEAR
The NEWS gets around on FACEBOOK etc
Already TWO of my EX GFS from 3 & 4 years ago
Have phoned for an (innocent) CHAT !
One wanted me to escort her to a Friends 30th"
The other had tickets for a JAZZ CONCERT !
Some of my EXS move in the same "Circle" as ANGELA & I
It's only been a Month so I said NO NO NO NO NO !
In my experience EXS never disappear completely !
BEWARE of Low Flying Exs ~ They can get in your HAIR

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