The Truth Of It All

I have to say,

that I will be honest.

Throughout my life,

and to this day,

there has not been,

many things I believed in.

In fact,

there are very few.

Through out my life,

I have lost my belief,

in many things.

I do not know,

what friendship is.

Relationships have failed me.

These are just examples.

The list is long.

Yet, through out,

my entire life,

I always knew,

God was and is real.

Sometimes it was through ignorance,

other times through stubbornness,

and sometimes I just needed,

some kind of hope,

to hold on to.

Now though,

I am beginning,

to know the whole truth,

about God,

and it is beautiful.

He often shows,

his authenticity,

time and time again.

There are very few things,

that I believe in,

but I will always believe,

that Jesus is in my heart.

Because when times,

get so hard,

that that passionate fire,

turns into a candle,

The Holy Spirit will manifest,

itself through me.


  • orchidee

    A good write Forever.

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