The petals to a beautiful dawn,

A pinkish gateway to our life,

Our very own work of art,

A Turner Prize for every wife.


For every precious daughter,

For every sibling and spouse,

For woman, brave as a lion,

For girl, timid as a mouse.


Lovely, small and tucked away,

Gorgeous, full and proud,

Individual and so unique,

Standing out from the crowd.


Personal and intimate,

Only for the chosen few,

Or flaunted, glorified,

Given a very public view.


Inners and outers,

Pierced and tattooed,

Shaved and styled,

Or left as, is your mood.


Attached in sweet partnership,

To the tip of our great pleasure,

Full of tingling nerve endings,

And glistened for good measure.


Each is a world of wonder,

Each should be seen in a new light,

Appreciate your gift from mother nature,

And fight for a woman’s right.


So, to our un-learned elders,

Your superstitions are not fact,

Away with your bloody butchery,

And you leave ours intact.


  • chana

    Yes! Empowerment and edgy , inspirational to love your body in what ever form, this writing gives me life 😊


    Ohhhhhhh JASMINE ~ You are on very sacred ground in this POEM but it should not be a taboo subject. To me FEMALE CIRCUMCISION is Anathema and those who force Young ladies into it should be shot ! The petal of a lady are as you say a thing of beauty one of God's greatest sensual gifts and for Mere Men a pleasure to all the senses ! Sight a precious Jewel of great Beauty ~ Scent the musk of Paradise ~ Touch like velvet ~ Taste the Honey of Heaven ~ Portent ~ A Perfect Entrance to the Tunnel of LOVE ! For the LADY the source of infinite pleasure & pleasuring ! JASMINE it is the most precious and perfect thing you possess ~ Your Love Petals that GUARD (and STIMULATE) the entrance to your PERFECT GIFT to your PERFECT MAN ! Never let anyone take it from you and always treat it with reverence and respect ! Thanks for caring & sharing ~ BRIAN (UK) An English Gentleman and a Respecter of ALL LADIES ~ AMEN !

  • Candlewitch

    a well written poem and message! I agree with Brian! castration is an abomination!!! well done!

    *hugs, Cat

  • Poetic Dan

    Your words are so powerful in all of your writings, thank you for sharing that beautiful mind and being perfectly you.

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