The Lord And His Sheep

As I was gathered with others,

before the heavenly throne,

we were separated into two,

one who was called his own.

Just as a shepherd,

separates his sheep from goats,

I thought nothing of it,

because the Lambs Book Of Life,

is where my name's wrote.

He told me and some others,

to stay by his right,

and the rest on his left,

with judgment in his sight.

He said to me, and those with me,

'Come all of you who my Father blessed.

Inherit the kingdom prepared for you,

for all of your righteousness.

For I was hungry,

and you gave me food,

I was thirsty,

and you gave me drink,

I was a stranger,

and you welcomed me,

I was naked,

and you clothed me,

I was sick,

and you visited me,

I was in prison,

and you came to me'.

Then the righteous will say,

'Lord when did we see you this way'?

The king will answer,

'Truely I say to you,

just as you did it,

to the least of these my brothers,

You did it to me on any given day'.

Then he will look,

to the ones on his left,

who were about to receive the worse,

and he will say to the rest,

'Depart from me you cursed,

into the eternal fire,

prepared for the devil and his angels.

Now you will suffer the dire.

For I was hungry,

and you gave me no food,

I was thirsty,

and you gave me no drink,

I was a stranger,

and you did not welcome me,

I was naked,

and you did not clothe me,

sick and in prison,

and you did not visit me,

and just like the right,

they will not have known,

when they saw the Lord in need.

The Lord will say,

'Truely I say to you,

as you did not do it,

to one of the least of these,

you did not do it to me'.

Then the Lord will repay their deeds,

and they will go away,

into eternal punishment, pain, and strife,

while the rest of the righteous and I,

will enter eternal life.




    THANKS FRIEND ~ We live in a very Me & Selfish Society and more and more affluent people are passing by on the other side ! Every Human is created in the Image of GOD ~ So the passage teaches that anyone who shows respect to a fellow Human ~ respects GOD ! Anyone who despises a fellow Human despises GOD ! Thanks for sharing we have been warned ~ Yours BRIAN

    • ForeverJesus6

      Thank you for commenting. The scriptures are pretty simple.
      If you love and treat others well, you'll get into Heaven. If you treat people badly you'll be sent to hell. This will happen on judgment day.
      Persistence is key

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