She whispered to her friend that when I ran I ‘JIGGLED’,

She didn’t see the harm as they both sat and giggled. 

She mocked me and teased me behind my back. 

I took it to heart, I was personally attacked. 


He SCREAMED in my face he called me FAT. 

In a puddle of my tears all alone, I was sat 

He didn’t hesitate to show he was AGGRESSIVE,

carelessly hurting my feelings by spitting his message. 


They walked in a group and called me an ELEPHANT, 

the thought of care for my feelings was clearly irrelevant. 

As they joked a tear rolled down my face and cheek.

They laughed and they cackled as my tears began to leak. 

My confidence was weak. 


People didn’t care about how I felt. 

They’d enjoy being cruel and watch my self esteem melt.

People didn’t try to make me feel wanted. 

My emotions where overwhelmed and exhausted. 

I didn’t feel good, as I cried every night. 

I looked in the mirror and hated the sight. 

People didn’t want me to feel happy in myself. 

They didn’t give a shit about my mental health. 

The teachers around me didn’t even notice. 

That I was sitting in the class feeling worthless and hopeless. 

I lost all focus. 


I let their cruelty worm it's way in. 

To the point where I dreamt of a new life to begin. 

Wishing I was thin, 

I would harm my own skin. 


I still question now how kids were so mean. 

Maybe their life wasn’t as perfect as it seemed. 

I was their punch bag to release hard emotions. 

Maybe they’d go home and cry rivers and oceans. 


I will never know but from experience I learnt. 

That good things that happen, help old bridges be to be burnt

My confidence is low but it’s growing each day. 

I’ve learnt to love myself, and wouldn’t have it any other way. 


  • Author: ~E (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 14th, 2018 12:09
  • Comment from author about the poem: I'm not a fan of this poem, definitely not my best work but really wanted to upload today. It reflects experiences that allowed me to look at mean, challenged or difficult people in a more understanding perspective. Doesn't make it right, but understanding it, can help you find peace with yourself. - feedback is always welcome and appreciated. ~ E
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Edthepoet

    Something tells me them kids now couldn't produce an ounce of art this emotionally expressive if they tried for the rest of their life's combined. I hope you came to a point or get to a point that you realise what other people think is important... But it's only important to them. And how 'what they think of you' affects you, is really only 'what you think of what they think'. It doesn't matter unless you let it, in other words.

    • E-Poems

      Aw thank you Dan! Yeah definitely, it says much more about them then it does about me! I’ve learnt to love myself and forgive aswell. You’re lovely. Thank you x

    • JasmineUK

      You can't change the past,
      But the future's not written,
      With your wit and style,
      You're a super sex kitten. πŸ™‚

      • E-Poems

        A super sex kitten!! Wow hahahaha, I wish πŸ˜‚ thanks for the comment!!

      • orchidee

        Swoon! So you're a sex kitten now then?! Ooohhhh. Did you know you were?! heehee.

        • E-Poems

          Apparently so πŸ˜‚ hahaha

          • orchidee

            You'll be all right then. lol.

          • Poetic Dan

            ... Wow I can relate to this pain and yet we turned out the same. Let's give it up for personal gain, I'm now going to read one I'm sure I did about what I'd say to my younger self. Reflection is the key to our own mental health

            Brilliant work! Shine on

            • E-Poems

              You wrote one? I’d love to read t too! Thank you Dan! You keep shining also!~E

              • Poetic Dan

                Pg 11, thank you for taking me there and the blessing of your interest.

              • dusk arising

                I thought my childhood experiences of similar treatment were totally a thing of the past until.....
                I took a course of psychotherapy on an unrelated matter and it was all dug up from the past and revealed to me how it has affected some of my day to day behavior quite profoundly.
                Have you considered how rhyming the end of each line isn't necessary when you create a certain 'flow' or pace to your writing. It can free you up to use different language rather than restrict you by needing to rhyme. Just a thought. Many writers here forgo rhyme for content.

                • E-Poems

                  Thats really interesting. I bet psychotherapy was amazing to study, very insightful.
                  I've definitely considered it, however I just really enjoy and love to rhyme. I'm definitely open to exploring different ways of writing poetry, I'm just not sure if I'd enjoy the read myself or be able to find a flow that satisfies me the way the rhyme style does. Have you read any of my other work? Maybe I should give it ago, open up my style a little more πŸ™‚ Thank you for the feedback! ~E

                • Heartwriter

                  You are beautiful. They were just jealous! Look at your pic it's lovely.

                  • E-Poems

                    Aw thank you heart that's so lovely of you to say. ~ E

                    • Heartwriter

                      Your welcome and never ever let others take you where you don't need to be. You are better than people like that!

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