Zipped Past You

A Mouthful of Silence

Table of Contents:

  1. Say Something
  1. Heard
  1. Shaped
  1. Against the Current
  1. Blink
  1. Them
  1. Question
  1. Him
  1. Good Vibes
  1. Destination
  1. Her
  1. In My Head
  1. Repeat
  1. Balance
  1. Fate
  1. Candlelight
  1. Look Up
  1. Making Plans
  1. Toy Soldier
  1. Troubles
  1. Lightning Eyes
  1. Drugs
  1. Worry
  1. Attention
  1. Smile

1. Say Something

Say something.

Say anything, just to know you’re here.

Back up now, you’ve gone too far down your road.

Make your move, you’re a pawn on an endless chessboard.

You must know you are never silent in your mind.

Why be so, outside of it?

You must speak your mind before you can no longer muster your words.

You know what you must say…but your words escape you.

2. Heard

Everything you say is heard.

So listen.

Not only to yourself but to others.

Listen and hear them, hear the world.

Some speak to be heard, some to be known, others to avoid.

You hate your unknown but it’s the only thing you truly know.

Hear the call of the void.

You are the only one who can listen.

You begin to listen…but its words are too loud.

3. Shaped

You shaped yourself for them.

You cannot begin to heal if you do not close this wound.

They shape you for themselves.

Never truly caring for you.

They might look like innocent people, but to you, they are patient monsters.

Your reality sets in as you understand that life is them vs. you, since time had begun.

Heal your wound and shape your clay.

Your clay begins to dry…but it starts to break.

4. Against the Current

I am a troubled man.

I hide it well, when I want to SHOUT; I whisper.

I hide it well, when I want to LOOK; I glance.

I hide it well, when I want to LAUGH; I grin.

Against the current is where I belong.

Always against, never with.

It’s time I reverse course and paddle with the current.

Shout when I need to be heard. 

Look when I need to understand. 

Laugh when I need to feel.

With the paddle in my hands and strong winds at my back; I set sail for a new life…but your storm approaches.

5. Blink

Blink.  Blink!  BLINK!

Forget your world.

Forget your pain.

Show no emotion as you blink them all away.

Forget your love.

Forget everything as you blink them all away.

Your deep sorrow lubricates your eyes.

Your skin folds over your cornea as you reset your internal clock.

Blink to move.

Blink to live.

You begin to stand up and for once, give the universe your eyes…but its blink erases you.

6. Them

They’re looking at you.

They’re judging you.

Don’t look!  Don’t judge!  Don’t open up!

Make them want you.

Make them need you.

You are surrounded by them.

They shift your mind like a car shifting gears.

You can’t live until you become them.

They want your ambitions, your strides, and your dreams.

Let them stare, let them judge, let them look.

Just don’t let them consume you.

Beat them at a different game.

Love them unconditionally and let them go…but they never leave.

7. Question

Where do I look?

How do I breathe?

Where do I go?

How will I know?

Is it okay to live my life in question?

Could I know the answer?

Question my breath as I exhale my fears.

Question my eyes as I stare with lightning.

My questions are not written…and it’s time I answer them.

8. Him

He’s a big guy.

He would hurt you.

Don’t you stare.

Don’t you upset.

Don’t you look.

Don’t you think.
He owns you.

What did he do?

Why does he want to hurt you?

You don’t even know his name.

You can take the pain but not the shame.

It’s time you lay down your differences and embrace him.

We walk together…but our paths split.

9. Good Vibes

Good vibes only.

Don’t learn from the bad.  Ignore it.

No problems, just good vibes.

You can ignore me.

You can spite me.

You can burn me.

You can ridicule me.

It’s all good vibes.

My pure soul, transfused in fun, and muddled in plastic vibes composed of lies and sorrow.

There is no balance in these vibes.

You need the bad as well.

Ignore, spite, burn, and ridicule these infectious vibes.

Grow my own true vibes in our soil of love…but your rain never comes.

10. Destination

Where does this go?

I know I love her more than she knows.

I think I’m ready but we both have much to learn.

Maybe it’s not in the cards.

Lies slip between my teeth as I talk with her.

True love awaits my presence there, as I start to go to an unreachable destination.

I know what I must do.

My destination is just another journey.

Bring her with me.

Go towards our painted sunset.

I look into her eyes and tell her my true words…but her ears don’t listen.

11. Her

Say it.

Tell her NOW!

Our time is almost up.

She is vulnerable but she can see.

Don’t wait forever to regret.

We are spiritual ships in the darkest night endlessly drifting further from each other.

It’s time we set course for land.

Open your true mouth and tell her.

Let her know you.

Let you know her.

Strength and harmony is in your future, go for it together.

Overcome our darkness and step ashore for the first time in our lives…but their tide pulls us back in.

12. In My Head

She’s in my head.

She’s in my mind.

She’s in my world.

She’s in my home.

She’s in my bed.

She’s so far from home.  From me.

I want her.  I need her.

Does she feel the same?

I am forever in my head, with her.

Open up my mind and let her inside.

Wash away my dark in our stream of hope.

Cleanse our misery and embrace a new day, together in my head…but our sunrise never comes.

13. Repeat

Awake.  Run.  Shower.  Eat.  Drive.  Move.  Think.  Listen.

Start over.

It will not end.

It.  Will.  Not.  End.

Repeat it all again.

You awake with past dreams.

You run with past guilt.

You shower with past lies.

You eat with past grief.

You drive with past aggression.

You move with past hesitation.

You think with past fears.

You listen with past doubts.

Break the loop, move past it and reach your new destination…but your reality repeats itself.

14. Balance

My hands shake from her.

My heart skips from her.

My brain aches from her.

My body sweats from her.

Does her hands shake from me?

Does her heart skip from me?

Does her brain ache from me?

Does her body sweat from me?

I really love her.  Does she really love me?

Shake off my anxiousness.

Skip away my heartbreak.

Calm my aching mind.

Wash my sweaty body.

Together now as we conjoin…but we don’t balance.

15. Fate

I tried to fight it.

I tried to embrace it.

I laugh when I recall it.

We are meant to be.

Listen to the universe.

Don’t let our darkness consume these thoughts.

Our light shines through it.

We have forever changed our fate.

Look past our human lives to an infinite universe where our light shines as one.

Embrace our light and we will forever shine throughout.

We take our last breaths in this life…and our light beacons through us, for the first time.

16. Candlelight

My candlelight dims but it won’t burn out.

I will travel through my darkness by candlelight.

Monsters await my presence but scatter at my candlelight.

My light shines not from a flame but love.

Love for myself, love for my achievements, love for my life, love for my relationships, and love for all.

My candlelight won’t burn out…and the monsters won’t vanquish.

17. Look Up

The day starts young and innocent.

The sun shines bright and proud.

My pain is left on this land.

Look up to the sky to lift me away.

My neck relaxes, my chest breathes, my heart pumps, and my eyes tear.

The sky questions me; why do I suffer on this land?

I answer with a sigh of relief that I truly don’t know.

Satellites fly above, capturing all.

Look up to the sky, past where they fly.

Look up to a different time…but I remain here.

18. Making Plans

Forget your commitments, forget your promises, and forget your responsibilities as you make plans for false realities.

Fill their plans with your false appearance.

Leave their plans behind and embrace the change in your life.

Don’t let their plans control you.

Make plans for yourself, the only ones that matter.

Achieve what you’ve already done, make plans to ignore your sorrow…but your plans fall apart.

19. Toy Soldier

Left, right, left, right.  Left.  Right.

Move it soldier!

Imaginary orders commanding you to obey.

A plastic hollow soldier following false ideologies of a systematical future.

If they intercept you; fight back.

If they ignore you; scan their weaknesses.

Never go to war but act, eat, think, sleep, feel, breathe, and look like it.

You were manufactured for the protection of others, NOT yourself.

You believe your shell is invincible…but the plastic begins to crack.

20. Troubles

My troubles.  My problems.  My worries.  My anxiety.  My depression.  My sorrow.  My hatred.  My weaknesses.  My ignorance.  My arrogance.  My doubts.  My bitterness.  My coldness.

My darkness.

These are my troubles.

I am my troubles and my troubles are me.

To have light without darkness cannot be.

I bring my troubles with me and me with them.

To vanquish my troubles would be to vanquish me.

I embrace my troubles as they embrace me…but my troubles won’t last forever and neither will I.

21. Lightning Eyes

My lightning eyes strike through her storm.

Blinding my pain, one bolt at a time.

Wild and unpredictable bolts flash before her.

My eyes tell true but she must direct my lightning.

Striking down my troubles, blinding her to my false relief in my uncontrollable universe.

She calms my lightning with her true eyes.

Look through my storm to clear skies…but my lightning continues to strike.

22. Drugs

Distort my reality as I inhale your smoke, ingest your pill, and drink your wine.

Your chemicals don’t mix.

Your light bends in search of my truth, brightening my darkness in a temporary time.

Laughter hits my face with false dreams of another me.

You grab my arm and pull me in your world.

Your green sky and fields of blue.

She approaches me.

I must inhale her.  I must ingest her.  I must drink her.  She is my destination.  She is my drug.

She is my alternative reality.

Our glimpse of hope appears…but my high wears off.

23. Worry

Don’t you worry about a thing.

Don’t you question anything.

Don’t you care about anyone.

Open my skull and observe my fear soaked mind.

How much is too much?

Why do I worry?

Who is pulling my strings?

It’s you.

You’re my worry in life.

You’re my constant fear for my better life.

You’re the reason I worry to live that life…but my courage begins to grow.

24. Attention

I cannot focus on one when I have two.

To observe only the finite when the void calls.

Look at them.  LOOK AT ALL OF THEM!

They pass me on the street, in my home, in my head, and in my life.

They have a face, and they have a mind.

So why look away?

Focus my true self only to be pulled back into reality by them.

See the details of their cracked plastic faces.

Pay attention to their actions and I won’t have to look away any more…but my eyes grow weary.

25. Smile

I smile as I stab her from behind.

My sword pierces her cold black heart.

She begins to bleed on the ground. Blood of black pours out of her as she gasps for air.

She suffocates from her black blood.

Her darkest demons screech.

They demand my life but cannot escape that she is no longer their slave.

Her body begins to glow bright as she reemerges with a smile.

She greets my bravery and endurance.

I begin to smile as she rips out my heart…and for once I abandon her demons.

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  • Published: July 15th, 2018 02:06
  • Comment from author about the poem: This is a collection of 25 poems that I have written last month. Enjoy and please let me know what your feedback on them is. Mahalo!
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    WELCOME FRIEND ~ Thanks for your first POEMS all 25 of them ~ thank GOD MPS imposes NO LIMITS to length. I am still digesting it ~ But I wanted to thank you for posting such a POWERFUL POEM which bares your SOUL. I notice it has had 20 readings ~ so I thought it courteous ~ as a long serving Member to welcome you and thank you for posting an EPIC EPIC ~ Yours BRIAN. My Fiancee ANGELA and I share this site and she has posted the Poem today. A Beautiful rendering of "How Great Thou Art" in MAORI ~ she is on a Year Work Placement in NEW ZEALAND. Please check. MPS functions by us reading and commenting on each others POEMS ~ Yours BRIAN & ANGELA

    • Zipped Past You

      Thank you so much! I couldn't just post them individually; that would lead to too many open windows! Yes, these poems are straight from my heart, a collection of how aware one can be both consciously and subconsciously. I really do appreciate you and your fiancee sharing them. As hard as it was for me to write them, my goal never ceased to bring a bond between myself and the reader.

    • dusk arising

      Too much to read! One at a time like everyone else please.

    • ron parrish aka wordman

      great work but i would post one at a time

      • Zipped Past You

        Thanks for your feedback! They're actually a collection of poems that go together as one poem book. My apologies if they're a bit too much at once but easiest way if you want to break them down; just copy and paste into a word processor and separate by page. I'm glad you enjoyed reading them, nonetheless.

      • Stan Rodriguez

        I would say nicely penned – but it too much to take in at one time – there’s a lot here – strong – descriptive – wonderful imagery – you just need to edit your work. Cut down to size. Thank you for sharing and keep them coming.

        • Zipped Past You

          Thank you for your feedback! I actually have a very neat and polished PDF book format of them in individual pages. PM your email and anyone else who wants a copy and I'll send you a copy. 🙂

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