Mental Issues

I’ve got mental issues

I can’t explain how I feel

Too many tissues

My battle wounds may heal

But my mind will never be the same

They all say it’s in my head

I guess I’m the one to blame

I still remember when my wrist bled

I hate my entire life

They say it’s not real

I just miss the feel of that knife

I can’t even hold down a meal

I wish it would all end

I just want to be normal

But instead, I’m just abnormal

I’ve already lost my best friend

Please someone just take the voices out of my head

Someone come save me from the monster I’ve become

I just want to lie in my bed and be dead

My entire body is just numb

I wish it weren’t true

But sometimes I just want to go and disappear

My life isn’t even worth a few dimes

Wish I didn’t have to cry but there’s already one tear

One becomes two

Two becomes three

Three turns into four

Four turns into many more

My entire life feels like a chore

When you hear the demon inside of me roar

You already know it’s too late

Everyone I touch I hurt

My only escape is writing

But even that is failing me

This is just my fate

I’m going to sit here and keep fighting

This is my final plea

Just give me them Percocet’s and Vicodin’s

Let me get my fix on

So I won’t have to sit here with no feeling

Where is god when you need him most

I’m about to find out if he’s real

I feel like I’m just walking around like a ghost

It’s like no one can see me but it’s no big deal

I don’t want to be me

I guess I should just lie down and bleed

Forget everyone and everything

There is no hope anymore

When you come to find me all you will see is the blood-soaked sheets

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