Like A Moth

Christina K

Unwanted, unfeeling,

and alone.

When released into freedom,

I poke holes in all I own.

I ruin all I see

due to my own desires.

I care not what others feel,

I just seek to fan their fires.

Plain and ugly, 

I leave no one in awe.

Blending into backgrounds

so no one can see my flaws.

There is nothing exciting

about me to show.

No purpose on earth

that's surprising to behold.

I am nothing special,

please don't pretend I am.

When you see me, you won't hesitate

to squash me in your hand.


  • orchidee

    Aww, but even an ugly-looking caterpillar, or whatever, held in the hand, has beauty. We won't squash you! 🙂

  • Syd

    That first stanza drew me in

    "Unwanted, unfeeling,

    and alone.

    When released into freedom,

    I poke holes in all I own."

    Brilliant poem. Pulled me right in. I hope this is just a temporary feeling.

    Take care - Syd


    GOOD EVENING CHRIS ~ Angela here I share a site with BRIAN. I'm in New Zealand for a YEAR (work exchange) so its 12 noon FRIDAY here so I have plenty of time to reply (I don't start work until 2). Love the elegance of your Poem. 20 fine lines and a great description of a moth, but alas for you self abnegation! Moths are unwanted, spoilers of clothes, selfish, ugly, ephemeral, unspecial & squashed! But Im sure you're not like that ! I am a BUTTERFLY: Loved, love clothes, generous, cute, lasting, special and NEVER SQUASHED ! You too can be a BUTTERFLY Thanks for sharing : Love ANGELA

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