Jim Yates

She Touched His Art with Her Magical Wand

She Touched His Art with Her Magical Wand


He had six amazing muses in his life

The first, in his teens, opened his artistic eyes.

The second, in his twenties expanded his mind.

The third, in his thirties turned his art to surreal.

The fourth, in his forties stirred his abstract dream.

The fifth, in his fifties socialized his perception.

The sixth, in his sixties was a dream come true.

Who touched his art with her magical wand

Elevating him to the highest level his art could attain.

They were all inspiring in their own special way,

But the last was the most inspiring and amusing of them all.


  • little dove

    I like this poem. The title suits it very well as well

  • dusk arising

    In my sixties i feel like you wrote this piece from peeping over my shoulder.
    A delight to read.
    On your profile page is revealed te fact that you don't read other peoples writings. The spirit of this site is to read other peoples work and comment upon it so they reciprocate. I'd strongly encourage you to do this.

    • Jim Yates

      Thanks Duskl. I have read them and commented on one. I've only been using the site since yesterday.

    • Goldfinch60

      Those muses help us throughout our lives and we never forget them, I hit seventy years in October and still the muses influence me.

    • Joe Dawson

      Who could resist such a beautiful poem - there is great wisdom here I think - muses are behind much that I write too.

    • Heartwriter

      Loved this sper write!

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