I'm Loving It


I love it in the morning,
I love it late at night,
I love it in the afternoon
When I'm out in plain sight.

I love it in my bed,
I love it on the chair,
I love it spread on the table
With all the diners there.

I love it in the bath,
I love it in the shower,
I love it on the bidet,
With the flush at full power.

I love it safe at home,
I love it in the car,
I love it risky outside
With people not very far.

I love it at the seaside,
I love it in the park,
I love it in the graveyard
With the ghosts out after dark.

I love it down the pub,
I love it in the store,
I love it in the library
Where I mustn't scream for more.

I love it in the sunlight,
I love it out in the rain,
I love it under glinting stars
In the moonlight down the lane.

I love it with just one,
I love it in a three,
I love it with a gang
All taking turns with me.

I love it in the front,
I love it nicely round the back,
I love it with a double entry
Or a spitroast dual attack.

I love it nice and gentle,
I love it rough and hard,
I love it to take me places
Where I'm gonna end up barred!

I love it with my favourite film,
I love it in silent appeal,
I love it with loud music
To drown out my every squeal.

I love it with the seniors,
I love it with the skilled inbetween,
I love it with the young
When they're well over sixteen.

I love it twenty four hours a day,
I love it seven days of the week,
I love it each and every season
Whenever my drive reaches its peak.

Ooh, I just love it!

  • Author: JasmineUK (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 21st, 2018 04:19
  • Category: Love
  • Views: 36
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  • dusk arising

    And there i was thinking youre a chocaholic.

  • Neville

    I don't suppose your talking McDonald's are ya.. very entertaining, cheers.. N

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