If you still saw me

Nobody special

My old friend,

dearest enemy,

and now my fellow stranger,


the one who shared my smiles,

as fake as they may have been for me,

the one who gave me joy,

then proceeded to bring me pain,

I ask you to answer me,

if we still were friends,

or if we were still enemies,

on that fateful night years ago,

would you have cared if I actually died?

As a stranger you may see me as nothing,

but I still see you as I did in the past,

I see both sides that I had witnessed for most my life,

that I had grown to love and hate,

so that why I wonder if you would care,

if that night would have struck anything in you,

if we were not now strangers,

if you were my still my friend,

if you were still my enemy,

if we still saw each other as the people we once were,

With utmost regards,

Nobody special

  • Author: No_one_special (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 22nd, 2018 02:15
  • Comment from author about the poem: You can take the time to read this, thought it might need a trigger warning.\r\n\r\nA couple years ago I tried to kill myself, it was an interesting night, certainly not one of my best moments but that\\\'s all in the past. Before then, I had a best friend turned enemy in elementary school. By the time we reached middle school, we had become neither, just total strangers, to her I was really, Nobody special. Sometimes I wonder if I had succeeded in leaving this world, and we still held each other to some standard, would she care about myself no longer existing? would she have felt the same pain either way, enemy or friend? And to add on, would she have felt any pain, even though to each other we are strangers? But these are just your normal late night thoughts, hopefully I will be fine in the morning, as I always am...
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  • dusk arising

    Interesting introspective read. Move on, she obviously has but females mature earlier than the male and are generably able to do this sooner.
    After a while many other things will happen in your life and what happened socially in schooldays will become a distant memory.
    Look forward with positivity to better times and meaningful relationships which happen purely by chance.

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