Poetic Dan

When we sway

This is my spirit from a trying humble soul
Once a little boy that never thought he'd get old
No longer worried that he'd lost all of his amigos
Now he understand he was never really alone
A different perception he saw it all-just an inch and perfection was born
He hears the echoing from each others goals
He can not be free until we're all free in this world
Now his mould has become hard and cold
Confused that saying what he's thinking is from his ego
He never wanted to say that his plan is any better than yours
But if you're on another level that doesn't stay with love
Then he sending you his own because hes got so much
The forgiveness that he has wants to never be caged
So he's writing this to let the universe understand
He sees that he is not just one man, he can feel the generations under his hands
He's time is now and he's taking that stand, dancing to the wicked plan

Wishing to be more noble, exceptions put out of reach
Learning more with every greatful mile under his feet
Never forgetting what he knows we we're all born to do.
Being perfectly who we are here to be, showing genuine bravery passed from me to me

This paradise is just a click away, if we support ourselves and each other when we sway.


  • dusk arising

    Sway in the breeze of life my friend as it wafts you through revelation after revelation like a dance to the rhythm of existence itself. Akin to the humdrum of trance there are highs and lows but long may your music play,... dance, sway.... dance away.

    • Poetic Dan

      Absolutely fantastic reply my friend, I'm close to wanting it on my wall!
      It gets better each time I read it, truly honoured to know you and feel this.

      Much peace and respect

    • Heartwriter

      Great write Dan. Loved it!

      • Poetic Dan

        Really appreciate that, my mind was still unsettled until I hit send.

      • poetboy5454

        Another amazing poem, I found myself connecting with each and every line! We all must strive to achieve something noble and have each others backs at the same time!

        • Poetic Dan

          It's like when I see your writing I know someone has got mine
          A reflection that helps keep my inner world alive

          Much peace and respect
          Everyday we get better at it

        • Candlewitch

          dear Dan,

          you are amazing and you shine! some people are so wrapped up in their own egos that the never take the time to examine their inner selves and reflect on their identities. you are a very wise old soul and a beacon shining in the darkness!

          *hugs, Cat

          • Poetic Dan

            Theses words I shall use with every breath to push past thoses times when I feel self doubt what I wish to express.

            Much love and respect to your self a tune beautiful soul.

          • Goldfinch60

            May you sway to the times in your life. We each have our paths to travel, may you go along yours in peace, tranqulity and love.

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