The broken Generation.


How many likes will I get on Facebook?

I upload ONE of the 25 selfies that I robotically took.

34 likes on my filter filled look.

ONLY 34 LIKES. What the fuck!!


6 notifications is that all. 

I can’t believe no one’s posted on my Facebook wall.

I’m bored and I’ve got no one to FaceTime call. 

I feel lonely online. Emotional downfall. 


My Instagram pic got ZERO comments. 

I even used airbrush.. it makes no sense. 

Why don’t people like my content. 

I feel stressed and tense. 


Snapchat will make me feel better

SELFIE feeling good in my new leather sweater. 

Who am I kidding, I’m like broken treasure. 

I’m under media pressure. 


Feeling fed up and mad. 

Wishing for ‘likes’ I never had. 

I need new people to add.

That’ll stop me from feeling bad



People have forgotten how to communicate, it’s sad. 


we’re basically robots without even realising.

We’ve created this crazy new ‘standard’ of living. 

But there’s important things missing. 


We’re too over privileged our minds can’t deal. 

We absorb overwhelming stress with no rest to heal.

It leads to mental health issues we undoubtedly feel. 

Because this fake world we live in … now feels real. 


It’s a scary time to be growing up. 

10 year olds plastered in makeup. 

People brag about hook ups. 

It’s fucked up. 


What happened to communication.

Verbal appreciation

Rubbish radio stations.

Meeting in authentic locations. 

Creating genuine relations. 

Having self motivation 

Making real observations. 


But I guess we’re living in a new generation. 



  • Author: ~E (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 22nd, 2018 20:02
  • Comment from author about the poem: Feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Hope you enjoy this one. Feel free to share your opinions with me! Peace and love to all ~E
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Goldfinch60

    That new generation does not know what true communication is, you need to see in peoples eyes as you talk to see what they mean.
    God write about what I believe is the idiocy of modern so called communication. (Sorry for the rant E-poems)

    • E-Poems

      I completely agree, ' smart' phone producing stupid people!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!~ E

    • Poetic Dan

      I saw my daughter in this, we had our chats about musicly app and the other bits.
      Sadly I'm only half in their life and I make sure she skates, sings and climbing trees with me there is more to life than these screens.
      On the others side they can be so a good tool but I guess that's the point we are the problems individually that is creating Society.

      • E-Poems

        It's brilliant that you encourage her to do them things, it's hard for young people to avoid the world of techno now unfortunately but there's pro's to it too, safety and communication. Lovely to hear from you. ~ E

      • Edthepoet

        Fantastic write, It's like you read my mind :). Social media is a waste of life. Nobody knows how to use it. Give a fourteen year old the tools to build a house... They couldn't do it. It's the same with the Internet.. They have access to all the information in the world.. But they don't know how to do anything with it..

        • E-Poems

          Thank you Ed, I'm flattered! You're so right, people can't even remember telephone numbers anymore because they don't need to it's mind blowing! ~ E

        • Syd

          I loved every word. Brilliant!

          - Syd

          • E-Poems

            Thanks a lot Syd. ~ E

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