We live to dream

Yet we dream to live 

We dream of a future

of a utopia with the perfect health

the perfect girl

the perfect life just to get by the hard times

But what happens when the dreaming gets to much

The weight of the world is to heavy to heal it with dreams

I dream to be better again

to crawl out of the slump im in

I dream of a ladder

but I have been waiting for it to come for to long

Its not a dream anymore its a need

but dreams do not give you what you want

They only show you what you want

I dream of not looking to the bottle or to the rush

If i ever get there than i will say dreams come true

but as of now i continue my statement of that

We dream to live.




  • little dove

    i can relate to the sadness that you can feel when dreaming of better things gets too much
    well expressed poem

  • Goldfinch60

    Life is so special, in both life and dreams, ensure that you enjoy every moment of each as those moments will not come back. Good write.

  • Poetic Dan

    Sadly beautiful, keep writing your way through. Thank you for sharing this part of the 'who' you are now but for every step is the beginning of our path, just let go and flow as amazingly as your words flowed

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