Poetic Dan

It went like this

I'm not sure how this is going to go down
But these words in me need to get out

When I was younger they sent me to the specialist
Apparently this person was to help me understand it

So I sit on a chair crying with despair telling my little life story
Not sure why this will help but I'm told they're educated well
Everyone goes to the doctors for advice or when their ill

Now I've finished and blowing my nose
Some sympathy given then they unload
Giving me the information I need to know

P. T. S.D is what they're explaining to me
But mind is in shook with such disbelief They just jumbled my words giving it back to me

Let me get this straight you're telling me I have a 'POST' of something that's not in this present moment and I can't let go... As if I didn't already know!

Then your saying its from a traumatic experience... Well I'm so glad their ears were paying attention!

Finally saying this is coursing me alot of stress...I'm so glad their powers of observation is in par with the rest.

But wait their not actually finished now telling its a disorder...now I know I'm in a mess but I articulated better than this.

My mind was left unease with the people and degrees
How was the music in my ear and the ones in my neighbourhood
Making me feel better and understand more than the others could
It so came to me it was the inner truth I spoke
Made anything other than a reflection felt like a joke

Our pain is our own and for us to solve we may get guidance from each and all
But the power is in us and the ones we give it to
My biggest lesson in life being aware whos riding with you
Every vibration can be a tool if you own the right to stand tall
Never forgetting to leave one hand to help anyone who falls

United by our sorrow
Connecting through the joy
Individuals by nature
Entwined for eternity
Humanities souls

This is how my story goes.


  • little dove

    very well expressed
    i too have possible CPTSD.
    You have made some good points in this poem as well

    • Poetic Dan

      A close friend has been told the same thing but we have both suffered from when we were kids, in my opinion they now say complex because they still don't understand it or us.

      I wish you all the best on your journey and hope you find the way to heal.

      Thanks for adding extra inspiration

      • little dove

        It is hard when you suffer from when you are little
        I can relate to hurting since you are little aswell
        Your welcome

      • Goldfinch60

        Good write Dan, the "experts" may know what it is but it is people who can LISTEN to you who can help the most, talking to those who listen can cure many things.
        I am a listener and I have seen it happen to people who talk to me who know that I am LISTENING and understanding their troubles but not necessarily giving them a cure.

        • Poetic Dan

          Absolutely love this comment , to truly listen and not just wait to reply is the purest route to helping someone pay attention to their own words.
          We should be a mirror to sit and observe just reassuring anyone they are not alone.

          • Goldfinch60

            So true, it works.

          • dusk arising

            Here we are like a brotherhood of understanding and nurture. Its good that you are able to let your soul speak so freely among us and your words are learned - a lesson for us all. Of humanity, dignity and self exploration for the purpose of being the finest you can be.
            Great to read your open heart therapy.

            • Poetic Dan

              Your words are my step, like so many others you help with this. I feel I'm no more special than anyone else, undeserving of any praise but if I am then so do we all.
              Thank you for joining me as I perform surgery on my soul, connecting with more as I go!

            • orchidee

              A thoughtful write Dan.
              Meanwhile - people wish they did not have to listen to me singing. Why have the shops run out of ear plugs?! heehee.

              • Poetic Dan

                Heehee! Your comments always amuse me, thank you always for your happiness.

                • orchidee

                  Thanks Dan. To be honest, I got into complex, and psychological matters, counselling, etc. We can't just call it 'stuff' as it's real-life experiences. We may not need to over-analyse it, or at least not too much. I knew one guy, bit creepy, analysed everything. Really unnerving, as he was a 'people-watcher' to the extreme.
                  Yet you are finding - have found to some extent - your way through.
                  Now I got headache thinking of all that lot! lol.

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                • Heartwriter

                  This was a super write Dan. Most people do not open up and share the inner self. I think it is a part of the healing process. Pleased to know you at least somewhat.

                  • Poetic Dan

                    My mind is telling me you and others know me far more than my own relatives/friends, they don't even entertain this side of me. Then when I speak like I do on here, they just switch off as if he's on one again.

                    I'm learning connections can be made no matter how far the space.

                  • sylviasearcher

                    Hey this really resonated with the theme of a book I'm slowly writing...

                    Thanks for sharing

                    • Poetic Dan

                      Now that sounds interesting, always appreciate the comment.

                      Much love and respect

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