Emily Dickinson Poems

Publicado por Jeanna el 6 de July de 2009 a las 02:47 pm

Almost unknown as a poet in her own lifetime in the Victorian era, Emily Dickinson came to be known as one of the foremost of American poets after her work was rediscovered in the 20th century. Modern readers were able to appreciate what 19th century readers were not; Dickinson’s short, often untitled poems, with their […]


Love Poems

Publicado por Jeanna el 13 de January de 2009 a las 09:45 pm

Love poetry dates back as far as recorded time; man’s – and woman’s – need to express his amorous side has spurred on poetry for thousands of years. The Bible contains one of the oldest examples of love poetry. The book “The Song of Solomon,” is, in fact, and entire chapter of the Bible devoted […]