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Black Hearts 🖤
burning-embers said:

Stunning. This is a page of recent me which probably haunts my tomorrows. Youve expressed this so very well . in my favs straight away

July 19th, 2017 16:27

Black Hearts 🖤
onepauly said:

man does not see with the eye alone but by the light which makes it possible.

July 19th, 2017 16:06

Black Hearts 🖤

WELCOME SAM ~ Thanks for your first poem ~ well penned and very intense ! As we go through life (I\'m 33) there is always someone we want who does not respond to our love ~ we become blinded by love ! Then we open our sees and see the truth ! I love you last verse \"I don\'t need you in my life ~ I can see through my own eyes ~ The stars are shinning bright !\" BEAUTIFUL ~ Thanks for caring & sharing ~ Your BRIAN (UK)

July 19th, 2017 13:35