Comments received on poems by Vi


WELCOME VIOLET ~ Thanks for your first Poem ~ well penned ~ it flows like a river of tears ~ the content is very personal and poignant ! MPS is a very EMPATHETIC SITE and you will get support ~ i promise. I am a little disappointed in my Members that 5 have read your poem but none shown the capacity to reply ! I work in an Adult College (my students are 16 to 30) and in counselling I hear stories like yours DEPRESSION has a lot to answer for and I have been depressed from TIME to TIME\' Things can improve ~as you get older ~ and take on responsibilities of education employment relationships etc. But alas SEXUAL & MENTAL abuse lasts for ever ~ Abusers really have no idea of the amount of damage they inflict on Children (they should be castrated and locked up for life !) At 14 you have your whole life ahead of you # please don\'t damage it any further COUNT ALL YOUR BLESSINGS ! Who and what you are is GOD\'s GIFT to YOU~ what you make of yourself from this day on ~ Is Your Gift back to GOD ~ Think about it ! Thinking of YOU and praying for YOU 24/7 Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B.

August 30th, 2017 14:01