Comments received on poems by celestial being


WELCOME CB ~ THIS READS LIKE IT\'S AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL ! For one so Young ~ with all your life before you ~ it frightens me ~ what a waste. Many Young Ladies in my Community self~harm and when you ask why they do it they all say \"To relieve the Pain of Life\". Sometimes it\'s due to bullying ~ sometimes it\'s disgust of \"self image\" ~ sometimes it\'s a result of physical & sexual abuse. All these causes can be controlled but it\'s not easy in a cyber Society ! I work in a College and my Students are 17 ~ 25 on Career Related Courses ~ but some still self harm ! The main advice I give is if you Self Harm ~ then the Bullies & Abusers have won ~ DON\'T DO IT ~ IT CAN KILL YOU. Thanks for sharing and (if autobiographical) I hope you found it CATHARTIC ~ Every Blessing ~ Thinking of You ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) MPS is a very empathetic site ~ you should get lots of support ~ B.

December 19th, 2017 17:46