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WELCOME KEIR ~ Excellent Poem full of rhyme & rhythm ~ but a very sad & hard hitting subject. I am 35 and Engaged to Angela (Physiotherapist) who is in New Zealand for a Year and 11 thousand miles is a good contraceptive ! I have never made a Lady Pregnant so I have no direct experience of Abortion Decisions. But several of my Students (aged 17 to 30) have and most ~ in retrospect regret it and the circumstances that caused it ~ OK. I teach Human Anatomy & Physiology and in my opinion once a SPERM (23 chromosomes) fertilises an OVUM (23 chromosomes) to form a 46 chromosome unit (a ZYGOTE) that is a viable HUMAN BEING which should ~ in a perfect World ~ should be allowed to live ~ to ABORT it at any stage potentially destroys A LIFE ~ A HUMAN Being. What I find shocking as a Scientist is the 60 million induced abortions WORLDWIDE each year which is about 25% of all pregnancies. Men do suffer and bare some of the angst but 95% of the pain lies with the Lady (physiological & psychological) ~ which is why MEN should think before they impregnate ~ OK ~ GOD does forgive but he demands TRUE REPENTANCE which you begin to express at the end of you Poem and GOD will remove the GUILT ~ AMEN. Thanks for sharing and caring ~ Thinking of You ~ YOURS ~ BRIAN & ANGELA. Please check our site ~ Thanks B & A.

October 31st, 2018 18:39