Aborting my children has made my life nill, I should of known better I know not to kill. How could I do this to innocent souls and to take the piss more the souls were my own . I thought by getting caught and giving her life would make it all better but still things ain't right. I scream that I'm righteous in so many ways... I laid blame I see through a rose tinted gaze. I've asked for forgiveness... the answer is no, the furthermore question is to stay of to go. Some part of me feels sorry for me an excuse I was young and could not yet see the truth behind my selfish lies. I know for most part the devils inside. It's destroyed my life and everyone I love and truth be told I don't give a fuck. I'm selfish i cry in hope for forgiveness i killed two baby's and god is my witness. I'm tired of pain guilt and failure. Everyday is a battle with myself.... but the tears are proof I'm still top of my shelf. The best thing to do is let them all live! For why should they pay for the sick shit I did! The sad thing is they can't live without me... so I ask to cloud  my sins till judgment day to give them a shot what do you say???

Keir Alexandra Harvey 



    WELCOME KEIR ~ Excellent Poem full of rhyme & rhythm ~ but a very sad & hard hitting subject. I am 35 and Engaged to Angela (Physiotherapist) who is in New Zealand for a Year and 11 thousand miles is a good contraceptive ! I have never made a Lady Pregnant so I have no direct experience of Abortion Decisions. But several of my Students (aged 17 to 30) have and most ~ in retrospect regret it and the circumstances that caused it ~ OK. I teach Human Anatomy & Physiology and in my opinion once a SPERM (23 chromosomes) fertilises an OVUM (23 chromosomes) to form a 46 chromosome unit (a ZYGOTE) that is a viable HUMAN BEING which should ~ in a perfect World ~ should be allowed to live ~ to ABORT it at any stage potentially destroys A LIFE ~ A HUMAN Being. What I find shocking as a Scientist is the 60 million induced abortions WORLDWIDE each year which is about 25% of all pregnancies. Men do suffer and bare some of the angst but 95% of the pain lies with the Lady (physiological & psychological) ~ which is why MEN should think before they impregnate ~ OK ~ GOD does forgive but he demands TRUE REPENTANCE which you begin to express at the end of you Poem and GOD will remove the GUILT ~ AMEN. Thanks for sharing and caring ~ Thinking of You ~ YOURS ~ BRIAN & ANGELA. Please check our site ~ Thanks B & A.

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