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Old school lover
L. B. Mek said:

(I don\'t know what to say
I read your beautiful hymn of a poem
and my poetic mind, wanted to word my appreciation by writing a few scribbled lines
and these words below
are what I found, waiting
to be voiced..
thank you! for inspiring me
and for sharing, what is
such a warm read
in the bitter cold of winter)
\'take it slow, do it right
our gifted chance
at love;
you\'ll demonstrate
your please and thank you\'s
decades, into our marriage
with evergreen zeal
and I
will remind you
every chance, I get
you chose right
when you placed that ring
on my hand,
all the way
till our story\'s end, my love;
I\'m waiting
please, take your time
only arrive when you\'re ready
but still, come quick
I don\'t want too many, Winter\'s
in my life
without you, by my side\'

November 26th, 2021 05:59

Old school lover
yellowrose said:

I like your words . 🙂

November 26th, 2021 01:08

yellowrose said:

Sometimes reality is so difficult to deal with . A beautiful but sad writing )

November 21st, 2021 09:21

Dark academia
dusk arising said:

Left me wondering who is this \"we\" you repeatedly referred to.

November 17th, 2021 10:36

Fallen angel
jk said:

so beautiful! wonderful job. thank you for sharing :)

November 15th, 2021 14:58

Fallen angel
orchidee said:

A fine write NH. Why 143 in your name? I worked it out! heehee.

November 15th, 2021 09:30

Fallen angel
dusk arising said:

I guess we\'ve all been angelic at one stage of our lives and taken that dive.... welcome to the club of experts at that dive (well practiced at it).

And welcome to mps too.

November 15th, 2021 09:12