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One Size
lysistrata said:

I think you need to work with your opening line and what about more editing?!📄
Make it more attractive to our reading eyes....I like 😏 your subject matter.I am often preoccupied with death matters and after life....

August 14th, 2016 01:26

I Am Fretful In The Garden
williammae said:

Thank you for reading my poem, im not sure what you mean about the lines that bothers you. I wrote this poem in April 2011, i would appreciate it if you would let me know, thanks again

June 16th, 2016 13:24

When Angels Sighed
lysistrata said:

Well done for your "Three Boxes of Tune".
I liked both the connection and the execution.
Keep Writing....

June 15th, 2016 09:20

Three Boxes Of Tunes

WOW WILLIAM - AN AWESOME POEM: So so sad and yet their memories so so precious. I still have my Mum and my Sister and your poem has made me value them both even more ! Thanks for caring and sharing. GOD puts Ladies in our lives to make us better Men - AMEN Yours BRIAN

June 13th, 2016 10:02

Waiting To Be
isituorme said:


June 11th, 2016 14:34

Waiting To Be
lysistrata said:

"Worthless lone lost penny",
I found you!
This last phrase deserves all the money in the world....
Keep Writing.

June 11th, 2016 12:25

Waiting To Be

WELCOME FRIEND - Great first poem - love the denouement in the last line ! Love the structure of your poem ~ Four neat quatrains and a consistent rhyme pattern (xaxa xbxb etc). Easy to read nice to recite. Love the contents there was a time (not so long ago) that finding a PENNY would seem like a treasure trove now most people would even ignore a SHILLING (5 pence). Money has lost its charm and (for many) life has lost it glitter. Thanks for caring - even about a PENNY ! Yours BRIAN

June 11th, 2016 10:06