The Birth of a Poetry Journal

ballard street poetry journalAs often as I”ve mourned the loss of poetry venues here, noting how sad it makes me to click a link to a poetry journal or review or ezine or other publication, only to find that the editors have stopped publication, this announcement brings me a great deal of pleasure. Not only do I get to announce the birth of a new review of poetry, I got to attend its christening party and hear many of the poets included in its inaugural issue read their own work. Ballard Street Poetry Journal is so new that the web site is still under construction, so fresh that the poets included can still fit into one air-conditioned, coffee-infused room to kick off the inaugural issue with a party.

The love child of editor and poet Heather MacPherson, the first issue of Ballard Street Poetry Journal includes poems by Tony Brown, Ted Blackler, Bob Gill, David MacPherson, Sou MacMillan, Joyce Heon, Emily Ferrara, Chris Mellen, John Gaumond, Carolyn Howe, Tom Ewart, Christy Howard, Tom Carroll, Diane Mackiewicz, Jenith Charpentier, Elain Bentley Baughn, Curt Curtin, Laura Vookles and David Keali”i. They are, as MacPherson describes them, diverse voices, ranging from the strength of Tony Brown”s plain spoken poem “Small” to the rich images of Ted Blackler”s “Let the Water Follow”. Each piece is a delight to read – and it was more a delight to hear so many read in their creators” voices.

But there is more to Ballard Street Poetry Journal than the collection of poems presented in the inaugural issue. It is, as Dave MacPherson said when introducing his wife, the editor, to read one of her own poems, “So many of us talk about doing something, think about doing something, plan to do something. Well, Heather”s gone and done it and that”s why we”re here.”

Heather MacPherson has indeed gone and done it, and “it” is worth holding onto. You can order your own copy of the inaugural edition of Ballard Street Poetry Journal directly by writing to

Ballard Street Poetry Journal
P.O. Box 3560
Worcester, MA 01613

Issues of Ballard Street Poetry Journal are also available at several Central Mass bookstores.

Single issue price is $6. Subscription for a year is $10. Submissions may also be sent to the above address, but check the web site at Ballard Street Poetry Journal for reading periods and submission guidelines.

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