Poets Raising Awareness – Poetry News Round Up August 8th

In today’s news round-up, we are focusing on poets that are using their talents for the greater good. We take a look at one poet who is raising awareness about dyslexia, and another who is helping young people to feel less alone.

Poet using his talent to raise awareness about dyslexia

Sam Rapp is an award-winning poet who was born in Sussex, and she is using her talent to raise awareness about dyslexia. The poet wants to teach people about the bullying and discrimination those who are dyslexic are subject too. Her poems have already been praised for challenging the perceptions of hidden disabilities. If you would like to witness these poems being performed in person, you can catch Sam Rapp at the Faversham Fringe Festival. The festival takes place at the end of the month, from August 24th to August 31st.


You can see an extract from one of Sam’s poems about being a vegan below:




Instagram poet helping young people to feel less alone

Instagram is a great platform for people to showcase their talents and help others, and this is exactly what Insta-poet Charly Cox is doing. The 22-year-old has released a new prose and poetry collection entitled She Must Be Mad. The book is divided into four sections:


  1. She must be an adult
  2. She must be fat
  3. She must be mad
  4. She must be in love


All four sections are incredibly relatable. Charly discusses her own personal battles, which many young people today are also facing. She talks about the coming age of the social media era, dating in a world of apps, struggles with body image, and mental illness. Many girls and women have connected with Charly, stating that her work has helped them to feel less alone.


Take a look at an extract from her work:





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