Argentine TV Blunder/Social Media Gaffe/New Archive Unveiled – Poetry News Roundup June 2nd

Today in our poetry news round-up we look at several errors made about poets and the opening of the refurbished Seamus Heaney HomePlace.

Argentine TV Comedy of Errors

Noelia Novillo, the presenter on Canal 26 in Argentina made a rather large error last week during a news broadcast when she announced: “one of the most important writers in the English language – for me the master” had died. She was referring to the poet and dramatist William Shakespeare who in fact died in 1616.

Of course, the bard had not died a second time and nor was he the first man in the UK to have received the Pfizer coronavirus jab, as she went on to mention. The man in question was Bill Shakespeare, an 81-year-old who had died in hospital of a non-covid related illness.

It would appear that the presenter was completely unaware that it was not the bard who had died as she related the news and reported that they would keep viewers updated with further details as they became available.

Of course, viewers took to social media platforms to post in delight of her gaffe – so much so that details of her news broadcast were soon being reported all over the world.

Mobile Operator Makes Social Media Error

Robi made a post on Facebook over the weekend in tribute to Kazi Nazrul Islam. Unfortunately, they used a photograph of the Noble Laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

The family of Kazi Nazrul Islam are now making plans to sue Robi on the grounds of defamation. The company removed the photo when they realised their mistake and also issued an apology. This however appears not to have been enough for the family who has stated they would prefer to see them in court and fight a legal battle.

They also claim that Robi had been using songs by Nazrul for their commercials for which the family had not received any royalties. They believe that the company have shown a complete disregard for the culture of the country as well as disrespecting the memory of both poets.

New Library and Digital Archive Unveiled for HomePlace

Seamus Heaney HomePlace has unveiled its new book collection and digital archive in its transformed library.

The centre in Bellaghy has only just reopened its doors to the public and was excited to be able to reveal the refurbishments that had been completed during lockdown. In addition to the books by the poet himself that were previously found in the library, there are now works by authors that Heaney enjoyed reading, including Spike Milligan and Bob Dylan.

There are individual desks for writing and of course, the digital archive which brings together every television and radio broadcast featuring or about the poet that has ever been created – there is even a recording made by a student 40 years ago.

The refurbishment of the library has been made possible thanks to an investment of almost £70k, the digital archive cost £7800 and is funded by the Executive Office of the District Council.

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