Antalya Museum, Ukranian Poet’s Anniversary/Wordsworth House Exhibition – Poetry News Roundup March 10th

Today in our poetry news round-up, we look at a portrait sculpture in the Antalya museum, the birth anniversary of a Ukrainian poet and the new exhibition at Wordsworth House.

Sculpture in Museum is Sappho of Lesbos

Since 1972, a portrait sculpture has sat in the Antalya museum in the Turkish Mediterranean resort city. Until very recently, the exact identity of the portrait sculpture has been unknown however that has now changed.

On 8th March, an announcement was made by Professor Havva İşkan Işık of the Faculty of Letters Department of Archaeology at the Akdeniz University. The professor confirmed that the sculpture is in fact that of the Greek poet Sappho who is considered to be the greatest, and first female poet of the ancient Greek period. It is believed that the sculpture was found in the ancient city of Perge, which is also in Antalya.

The sculpture in question came into possession of the museum in 1972, after it had been confiscated from smugglers by the local police. They delivered it to the museum as they were not sure what to do with it. Initial museum records indicate that it was believed to be the sculpture portrait of a man. The Professor was delighted however to be able to use the occasion of International Women’s Day to announce the actual identity. She has dubbed the work “The Sappho of Antalya” which she emphasised it will now be referred to as in any literature from this point forward. There is a portrait of the poet in Munich which is known as “The Sappho of Munich”.

Now that the sculpture has been identified it will be given a place of honour in the museum. It is the only piece of fourth century BC sculpture that exists in Turkey and is one of very few in existence anywhere in the world

There are only around 7-8% of Sappho’s poems left in the world, the rest have been lost over time.

Anniversary of Poets Birth Marked

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine and his wife Olena laid flowers in honour of the memory of Taras Shevchenko the poet and artist yesterday. The 9th March marks the 206th anniversary of the birth of the poet.

The monument dedicated to the memory of the poet where they laid their flowers is located in Kiev. The poet is widely regarded as the founder of modern Ukrainian literature and by many the founder of the language of Ukraine as it is known today.

Anniversary Exhibition Opens at Wordsworth House

A special anniversary exhibition will be opening at Wordsworth house this weekend and visitors are being offered free admission for Saturday and Sunday.

The exhibition “The Child is Father of the Man” takes a look at the boy who was influenced by the outdoors and his rugged wild upbringing, the influence nature had on his work and the trauma that shattered him.

The exhibition will feature a range of objects linked to the poet, including a pair of tinted glasses, ice skates and a baby bonnet that belonged to his sister Dorothy.

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