Timelord verse/US Laureate/Black Panther – Poetry News Round-up September 15th

We end the week with an eclectic selection of news stories in our round up; an intriguing story about the collection of Timelord verse, The US poet Laureate’s first lecture and a former Black Panther who will be giving a poetry reading.

Now We Are Six Hundred: A Collection of Timelord Verse

Russell T Davies, of Doctor Who writing fame, has joined forces with fellow writer James Goss to produce “Now We Are Six Hundred: A Collection of Timelord Verse” a book which is sure to be a big hit with any fans. The book, which has seen a big return to the world of
a book which is sure to be a big hit with any fans. The book, which has seen a big return to the world of

a book which is sure to be a big hit with any fans. The book, which has seen a big return to the world of Dr Who for Davies, is filled with cartoons of the many different Doctors, companions and of course monsters. Davies was responsible for the illustrations whilst Goss did the writing.

Let us take you back to the final episode of series 4
and the storyline which saw Penelope Wilton playing Harriet Jones. A huge invasion of the Daleks has occurred, battled by the Doctor and his companions, Earth and 26 other planets have moved in space, there is limited communication so into the breach steps Harriet Jones. She establishes a network and helps the Doctor to link with his companions but the Daleks discover and kill her. Well according to Davies, it is entirely possible that she didn’t die at all.

One of the poems contained in the book gave Davies the chance to offer a new ending to her story, illustrating her escape from the Daleks. Of course, if you want to know just what did happen to her you will have to read the book as this tantalising titbit is all the information Davies is letting slip!

Reporting for Duty – Tracy K. Smith

The most recent US poet laureate arrived came to the library of congress’s poetry office on Wednesday to report for duty. In keeping with tradition Tracy K. Smith took up her position by putting her signature on the guest book. Her signature joins those of Rita Dove, Robert Frost, Robert  Billy Collins and Penn Warren to name just a few.

During her term Smith will mostly be able to mould the position as she chooses. She began her role at the Jefferson Building by opening with a lecture where she read poetry from her own collections. She also included some content from “Wade in the Water”, her upcoming collection,  which includes some “found poems” which have been put together from archived letters sent by African-American vets to the office of President Lincoln to request the pensions owing to them.

Smith was preceded to the stage by Amanda Gorman, who has recently been chosen as national youth poet laureate – the first appointment of such a title. Gorman read one of her own poems
which discusses the ongoing racial justice battle in the US.

Former Black Panther to give poetry reading

The Jamaican “dub poet”, political orator, musician and journalist, Linton Kwesi Johnson will be giving a poetry reading at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston next month. Kwesi Johnson, who is a former member of the Black Panthers published his first book of poetry in 1974. In 2002, he became the second living poet, and first black poet to have work included in the Penguin’s Modern Classics Series. The poetry reading is to be part of
which has been organised to mark the centenary of the Russian Revolution.

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