Life Poems

yehuda_amichaiWhen you think about “life” poems, many different things may come to mind. Perhaps it makes you think about your own life and what you have already gone through. You might think of situations that family or friends have found themselves in. You may think of life in a more general sense, considering plants and tree, insects and birds — the “life” that is all around us. Life poetry is something that may also reflect upon the situations the world is currently facing, things that may impact all of us. These things could be the economy, war and strife, ecology, or poverty and sickness. It doesn”t necessarily need to be negative. There are many positive things which might inspire someone to write life poems. Exploration of space or discovering cures for diseases — or perhaps solving world hunger and providing education for everyone.

In reality, every poem touches on life. Because these poems are written by people, it is no wonder that life is somehow related to each poem. When you look at poetry from that perspective, it becomes easy for even non-poets to sit down and compose some simple lines about life. And of course, there are many famous poets who have written poems with specific emphasis on life. Whether they were written by Langston Hughes, John Adams, or Emily Dickenson, you will find many excellent life poems available.

The Strongest Girl I Ever Knew
by Ronald Doe


Poems about life should inspire us to reflect on the many joys that this life has offered us. They help us to celebrate the many great wonders of living, yet portraying the many difficulties and pain that we often suffer along life”s many paths. One very famous poet seemed to have quite a knack for writing inspirational poems about life. Yehuda Amichai is considered as one of the best poets from Israel, and he is also held with great respect internationally. Here is an example of the type of life poetry that one could expect from the masterful hand of Amichai.

A Man in His Life
by Yehuda Amichai


If you have set some goals which are challenging you, as you move along the road you may find that certain inspirational poems regarding life may be just the guidance you need. It”s really like having your very own personal guidance or life coach. These poems can provide you with inspiration and motivation that you need to attain success. One of the realities of life is that we will experience hardships. This is just a fact of everyday life. Sometimes, anticipating that life maybe full of difficulties can sometimes make them all much easier to live with. Reading or writing poems about these difficulties can often be very helpful in preparing for them.

by LaRay A. Silz


Along the way, you or someone close to you, may have be struggling with some troublesome problems that make living appear intolerable and even quite painful. Encouraging poems about life may serve to provide hope and comfort, serving as a guide towards the light that we all know is waiting at the end of the tunnel. These poems may help to inspire and lead you on to much better places in your life.

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