Relationship Poems

handsRelationships — they are an inescapable part of life. In fact, the moment we begin communicating with someone, we have formed a relationship. Some might even argue that a relationship begins the moment we sense the other person’s presence — a relationship based on nonverbal cues. We like someone, or dislike someone, often times based upon our perception of their appearance. At some point, at least in most relationships, we begin to speak to each other, to share thoughts and feelings. But there’s a danger in sharing. As we begin to self-disclose, we put ourselves at risk of being rejected by the other person. Perhaps some of our outer selves are acceptable to the other person, but as we start opening up and exposing our inner selves, we become less appealing. But it’s the risk one must take in order to establish a close relationship with another. It is this constant interaction and sharing that forms the basis for many relationship poems. The emotions that are exposed by both acceptance of others and the rejection of others are often quite powerful and moving. The heartbreak, the joy, the laughter, the tears, all are found aptly expressed in the poets lines.

By Anonymous


Of course, relationships aren’t just about dating and romance. The reality is that every single person we come into contact with during our lives form a relationship. For most people, the first major group of people with whom we develop relationship is our family. Our parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins often are important, not only in the relationships we have with them, but in teaching us how to have relationships with others. A wise piece of advice given to young women is to observe the relationship a boy has with his mother. If he treats her with respect and love, then he is likely to treat his future wife the same way. The same could be said for the prospective wife: how she relates to her father may be a very accurate indication of how she will relate to her future husband.

My Brother…..
By Vanessa Hernandez


One final consideration are those people whom we share a substantial amount of our early years — our school classmates. Those boys and girls we go to school with know more about us than we might often realize. We reveal a lot about ourselves by our daily actions and behaviors. How well we get along with others, how responsible we are, how respectful to others we are, and, finally, how respectful we are to ourselves, are all things they learn about us. These actions are integral in forming long lasting friendships, as well as long lasting animosity. We often ignore the value of those school years, failing to consider all of the lessons learned. People learn about us through those early relationships, but we also learn about others. A young man from South Africa shares his thoughts on the subject.

By Tumelo Mogale


Relationships are an essential element of life. Poetry, as well as most other forms of written communication, are quite often about the relationships that people have with each other.

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