School Poems

schoolgirlapSchool – one of those experiences we all go through. As we leave that early toddler stage and begin to gain some language skills and a few social skills, it’s time to take our very first real adventure in life — our first day of school. For some it’s a very pleasant experience, yet for others it’s traumatic. For most, it tends to be somewhere in the middle — we’re not sure that we like what’s going on, but there’s some joy in meeting other kids and getting to have some time away from our parents’ watchful eyes.

Our parents, however, are replaced by perhaps someone who is even stricter — the teacher. Now not all teachers are stern, uber-authoritarian types. Many are pleasant, understanding and excited about having the opportunity to help a new group of children begin exploring the world around them. We get older, and the adventures begin to change. We’re given harder tasks, great responsibility, and broader freedoms. Once we’ve hit secondary school, it seems that we’ve already reached maturity and are ready to step out into the world on our own. Of course, that’s not the same perspective that our parents and our teachers have! According to them, we’re just beginning to understand the world, and that there is a whole new complex set of ideas, rules and expectations that are to be placed upon us. But the day comes soon enough, when we close our books for the last time and say fond goodbyes to friends and teachers. Some we will see again, while others will move on to new locations and new opportunities. Or perhaps we’re the ones who will be moving on. Either way, it’s another major opportunity in life.

Walking Through the High School
by Heather Hill

Parents also have some thoughts about school. Sometimes they are more excited about their child going to school than the child is. And of course, the opposite is also true — some parents are more afraid of their children going off to school, and they fret and worry throughout the day. Yet, the child is doing fine and is likely having more fun than they knew could be had.

First Day of School Poem
by Anonymous

So when it comes to poetry about school, we have all of these experiences which we can choose from. But there is another group that can certainly offer some insights about school — the teachers. Just imagine all of the experiences they have to share with us. And they do. Not only do they have a wide range of stories to tell, but they also have the expertise to produce some truly wonderful poems.

Just Kids Indeed
by Anonymous

So as you can see, there are many different perspectives regarding school poetry. The students, the parents, the teachers — and we didn’t even ask about the custodians, the lunch ladies, the bus drivers or the crossing guards. I’m sure all of those people could probably write some very fascinating poems about school as well.

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