Teachers Poems

teacherFor those of you who have never been a teacher, let me tell you that it is a difficult job. It is, however, also a very rewarding profession, with many benefits far beyond the paycheck at the end of the month. Teachers have the ability to change lives. Sometimes, just being the exact person a student needed at just the right time can frequently be all it takes to change that student’s life forever. People are in a state of constant change, both for good and for bad. So it’s important that teachers have a positive influence over students, as this can often shape the outcome of a person’s life. For years after we have finished school, we often have fond memories of teachers who made some significant impact in our lives. Perhaps it was the first time that we found someone who believed in us. Also, for many students, having a person who was in authority over us express a belief in our abilities can carry us forward throughout our lives.

It doesn’t require many words to express appreciation for a teacher. Here is a poem by a young lady known only as Nezzy. In just a few, well selected and thoughtful words, she expresses her appreciation for a special teacher who has apparently influenced her life forever.

A Teacher Like You
by Nezzy


Of course, sometimes teachers need to be reminded that they are working with children, not adults. As much as teachers may wish that their students acted with maturity and thoughtfulness, the reality is, they are not yet adults (and even many adults fail in the expectation of being mature and thoughtful). So when a student misbehaves or doesn’t live up to some expectation that we have for her, we need to remember that we are dealing with a young life that is still learning what the world asks of them. Unless we guide them, encourage them, and understand them, they may never grow into the kind of person we might wish they would be. Here is a poem from a child asking teachers to remember that he is yet a child and to allow him a chance to grow and mature.

Just Kids, Indeed!
by Annette L. Breaux


Of course, teachers have their very own perspective as well. Teachers usually have reasons for some of the things they require of their students — usually some practical lesson that can only be learned by following rules that don’t always make sense at the moment. In fact, one of the greatest lessons a teacher can present is on how to follow instructions. Most teachers prepare a routine that they expect the children to learn and follow. It helps life in the classroom to flow smoothly. The truth is, most children like to be able to anticipate what will happen throughout the course of the day — it gives them a valuable sense of security which is sometimes missing in their own homes. The teacher, with all of her rules and expectations are actually appreciated by the children, even though they may complain about them.

Teacher Says, Teachers Goes
by Jasmine Aira


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