The Gypsy Girl

Ralph Hodgson

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"Come, try your skill, kind gentlemen,
A penny for three tries!"
Some threw and lost, some threw and won
A ten-a-penny prize.

She was a tawny gypsy girl,
A girl of twenty years,
I liked her for the lumps of gold
That jingled from her ears;

I liked the flaring yellow scarf
Bound loose about her throat,
I liked her showy purple gown
And flashy velvet coat.

A man came up, too loose of tongue,
And said no good to her;
She did not blush as Saxons do,
Or turn upon the cur;

She fawned and whined, "Sweet gentleman,
A penny for three tries!"
-- But oh, the den of wild things in
The darkness of her eyes!

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  • Ewaldb

    Just read this poem, not really a fan to be honest. I have to say though, I liked the description of the gypsy girl, like "the lumps of gold that jingled from her ears." But what's up with the part about the guy being rude to her? shouldn't she react or something? What are other people's thoughts on it?