The gypsy in me

Cole Porter

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Long, long ago,
So long ago
I hardly know when,
My great-great-grandmother
Now and then
Stepped out with a gypsy.
I know you will say she was
A little bit tipsy.
But tipsy, no, no.
Of their love their wasn't a doubt,
So I can't wait to get the stage all set
So I can let the gypsy in me out.
Hiding away
There's a little bit of gypsy in me
That's never been found,
Waiting its day,
There's a little bit of gypsy in me
Just hanging around
Till the magicial night
When the stars by their light
Give mystery to the sleeping lagoon.
While a tinkling guitar
Not too near, not too far,
Gaily strums away,
Hums away
A titillating tune.
When I'm there in a dream
With the one in the world I worship passionately,
At the moment supreme
Will be shown the unknown
Gypsy in me.

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