Once each apiece all round

Stanley Holloway

'Suddenly out went the lights
Without the slightest warning,
We all trooped out but not without
A bottle for the morning.

'Across the barrack square we went
As bold as any gentry,
It was a lark when in the dark
We come across a sentry.

'"Alt, who goes there?" the sentry cried,
We firmlv stood our ground.
"It's only Sam," I cried, "and we've had
One each apiece all round,

'"We've been drinking . . . drinking . . . drinking."
We got into the barrack room and started to undress,
Just then the Sergeant came along,
Straight from the Sergeants' Mess.

'We shut the door, sat on the floor,
never made a sound
And to finish Off me birthday,
We had one each apiece all round.'

Well, Private Small,' said Captain,
'I shall have to punish thee
For this grave misdemeanour,
You will get ten days' CB.'

'Ten days CB,' said Samuel,
'That's heavy I'll be bound.'
Said Captain 'Split among your pals,
It's one each apiece all round.

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