Pathos of love

Sir Muhammad Iqbal

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O Pathos of Love! You are a glossy pearl
Beware, you should not appear among strangers

The theatre of your display is concealed under the veil
The modern audience' eye accepts only the visible display

New breeze has arrived in the Existence' garden
O Pathos of Love! Now there is no pleasure in display

Beware! You should not be striving for ostentation!
You should not be obligated to the nightingale's lament!

The tulip's wine-cup should be devoid of wine
The dew's tear should be a mere drop of water

Your secret should be hidden in the bosom somewhere
Your heart -melting tear should not be your betrayer

The flowery-styled poet's tongue should not be talking
Separation's complaint should not be concealed in flute's music

This age is a critic, go and somewhere conceal yourself
In the heart in which you are residing conceal yourself

The learning's surprise is neglecting you, beware!
Your immature eye is not the seeker of Truth, beware

Let the elegant thought remain in search of Truth
Let your wisdom-loving eye remain in astonishment

This is not the garden whose spring you may be
This is not the audience worthy of your appearance

This audience is the lover of the material sights
The purpose of your sight is the closet of secrecy

Every heart is intoxicated with the wine of thinking
Something different is the ñër of the Kalâms 2 of this age

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  • TheColorForceSystem

    After reading the poem from Sir Muhammad Iqbal, it reiterates the secrecy and sacredness of love. The metaphorical play and references bring out a rather unique perspective. His words are an eye-opener and give a student like me a deeper understanding about love, the current age, and life. Very compelling and emotional indeed.

    • Catherine JE Houston

      Wow, this poem really speaks volumes about love and how intimate it is. As a student, I'm used to reading straightforward textbooks, so digging through layers of metaphors here was an exciting challenge. I love how it emphasizes the sacredness of love and discourages the display of affection as something to be shown off. This feels like it goes against the grain of what we often see in modern society, but there's a certain beauty in this perspective. Honestly, this made doing homework a lot more interesting 😁. I never thought a poem could provoke such deep thoughts about love 💕.