The Cowboys Christmas Dance

Bruce Kiskaddon

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Winter is here and it aint so nice tendin'
the feeders and choppin' ice.
Nasty weather to stir about.
Cold in the morning's a gittin' out.
Puts a sting in your ears and nose;
gotta watch out or you'll freeze yore toes.
Blowin' your breath on a frosty bit.
Makes you feel like you want to quit.

You like one part of it any way,
That's when you git yore Christmas day.
Plenty of feed and a right good chance
to shake yore feet at a country dance.
Fiddles a playin' jest watch 'em go.
"Aleman left an' doce do!"
Don't keer none for the cold and storms.
Dancin' around you soon git warm.

Folks all in from the hills and flats.
Ears tied up onder their hats.
Tough on the horses they drove and rode
shiverin' there with their backs all bowed.
It's the only time that folks has to spare
so the hosses had got to stand their share.
You turn 'em out when they git rode down
but you got to keep workin' the year around.

Winter time but it aint so bad.
When it comes around yore sorter glad.
Even though it's nasty weather
folks has a chance to git together.
And plenty of folks that was half way mad
found out their neighbors was not as bad
Yes lots of trouble is checked in advance
by a sociable crowd at a Christmas dance.

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