The Duel

Bruce Kiskaddon

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Old Pan Handle Johnny was quick on the draw,
And a wonderful shot was old Billy McGraw.
Old Billy McGraw he expresed the belief
That Pan Handle Johnny was eatin his beef.

Well, Johnny got mad when he heard about that,
and he started to look fer where Billy was at.
And all kinds of wagers was goin’ right soon,
When the boys laid their bets in the Lone Star saloon.

We knowed when they’d finished they’d only be one,
And some fellers bet that they wouldn’t be none.
The only thing gave ‘em reason to bet,
Was the lay of the land when the two fellers met.

If they fought at close quarters or after ‘twas night,
Well, Pan Handle Johnny would finish the fight.
But take it in daylight at thirty five paces
Old Billy could shoot the spots out of the aces.

They was ten steps apart when them two fellers met.
The sun had gone down but it wasn’t dark yet.
Johnny fired four shots before Billy could draw.
Three of ‘em went wild and one shot hit McGraw.

Old Billy shot once and he knocked Johnny dead
Then he deemized plum sudden the bystanders said.
And the fellers all won that had bet on a draw
Between Pan Handle Johnny and Billy McGraw.

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