George Cabot Lodge


OUT of one heart the birds and I together,
Earth hushed in twilight,
Low through the live-oaks hung heavy with silver,
Gemmed with the sky-light,
Under the great wet star
Shaking with light, we jar
Lute-voiced the silence with intervaled music.

While under the margined world the slow sun
Flaming earth's portal,
Over the lilac dusk spreads his great fingers-
Earth is immortal!
While the frail beauty dies.
Dream in the dreamer's eyes,
All the good gladness turns praise for the singers.

Hark, 'tis the breath of life! Hush! and I need it;
Northern, gigantic,-
Questing the silences, herding the sudden foam
Down the Atlantic;
Leaves from the autumn's store
Shrill at my desert door,
They and I out of one heart that is grieving.

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