Fertile Lands and Mammoth Cheese

James McIntyre

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In barren district you may meet
Small fertile spot doth grow fine wheat,
There you may find the choicest fruits,
And great, round, smooth and solid roots.

But in conditions such as these
You cannot make a mammoth cheese,
Which will weigh eight thousand pounds,
But where large fertile farms abounds.

Big cheese is synonymous name,
With the fertile district of the Thame,
Here dairy system's understood,
And they are made both large and good.

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  • dwain7841497

    The poem wasn't really my cup of tea. The lines about "great, round, smooth and solid roots" and "a mammoth cheese" were quite unusual! I'd prefer something a bit more relatable really. Poetry can be so strange sometimes...

    • raleigh5894

      Didn't really connect with this one, a bit too out there for my taste. Stuck to literal terms rather than metaphors, maybe? It's about farming, I guess, but the bit about the giant cheese threw me off. Feels like its got a bit of humor to it, but maybe that's just me. Never really been a farm pooem sort of person.