I Was Not False To Thee

Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

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I WAS not false to thee, and yet
My cheek alone looked pale;
My weary eye was dim and wet,
My strength began to fail.
Thou wert the same; thy looks were gay,
Thy step was light and free;
And yet, with truth, my heart can say,
I was not false to thee!

I was not false to thee, yet now
Thou hast a cheerful eye,
With flushing cheek and drooping brow
I wander mournfully.
I hate to meet the gaze of men,
I weep where none can see;
Why do I only suffer, when
I was not false to thee?

I was not false to thee; yet oh!
How scornfully they smile,
Who see me droop, who guess my woe,
Yet court thee all the while.
'Tis strange! but when long years are past,
Thou wilt remember me;
Whilst I can feel until the last,
I was not false to thee!

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  • kk-artz

    Feels like heartbreak in its rawest form. "I was not false to thee" really hits deep. You feel the narrator's sorrow and unreciprocated loyalty. So emotive!

    • Bernie B

      Wow! "I Was Not False To Thee" by Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton is an absolute emotional roller-coaster. The raw pain of unrequited loyalty and heartbreak conveyed is deeply moving. A crushing, melancholic masterpiece. 😢💔👏🏽