John Pierpont

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The temperance pledge--the Temperance song,
In tuneful chorus let us sing;
Here our proud banners wave along,--
Our heart's best tribute we will bring;
Here let the patriot's song ascend,
Here all our holiest feelings blend.

'Tis Freedom's day--the favored day
To chant the hymn of Liberty
And all our choicest offerings lay
Upon the altar of the free;
To God our raptured voices raise
The grateful homage of our praise.

Sing of the fount--the crystal stream
Whose sparkling waters ever flow;
Revere the sacred, holy theme,
Which cheers the heart in joy or wo:
The Temperance pledge,--the Temperance theme,
The healing fount--the cooling stream.

Here, midst our ranks, with joy we view
The captive from his chains set free;
His altered mien,--his feelings new,
We all with grateful pleasure see;
No more he drains the deadly bowl;
The healing fount hath made him whole.

Far o'er the land--far o'er the wave,
Our banners peacefully shall float;
The young, the beautiful, and the brave
To this great cause their lives devote;
Then raise the Temperance shout on high,
And sing the fount that's never dry!

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