Duncan Campbell Scott

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A deep bell that links the downs
To the drowsy air;
Every loop of sound that swoons,
Finds a circle fair,
Whereon it doth rest and fade;
Every stroke that dins is laid
Like a node,
Spinning out the quivering, fine,
Vibrant tendrils of a vine:
(Bim - bim - bim.)
How they wreathe and run,
Silvern as a filmy light,
Filtered from the sun:
The god of sound is out of sight,
And the bell is like a cloud,
Humming to the outer rim,
Low and loud:
(Bim - bim - bim.)
Throwing down the tempered lull,
Fragile, beautiful:
Married drones and overtones,
How we fancy them to swim,
Spreading into shapes that shine,
With the aura of the metals,
Prisoned in the bell,
Fulvous tinted as a shell,
Dreamy, dim,
Deep in amber hyaline:
(Bim - bim - bim.)

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  • rosareem123

    This poem has a beautiful use of imagery and sound that truly brings the reader into the moment. The combination of descriptions with the bell's echoing sound has a mesmerizing effect. I also love how the poem captures the feeling of peacefulness and tranquility, as if allowing the reader to escape the daily rush and noise for a moment. The vivid and unique metaphors used create an enchanting atmosphere, making the poem stand out. Reading this made me feel a sense of calm and almost transported me to another place in time. Truly a lovely poem!