Under the moonlight

Masaoka Shiki

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Under the moonlight, cuckoo cried as if it coughed up blood.
The sad voice kept me waking up,
the cry reminded me of my old home town far away.

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  • Katlyn06Oqwo

    Wow, this piece by Masaoka Shiki really tugs at the heartstrings. His imagery is so vivid and stirring, it feels as if I'm right there under that same moonlight. His ability to encapsulate the melancholy feeling of yearning for a distant home is profound. I find myself deeply moved by the emotive power of his writing and haunted by the melancholic undertone. It's a poignant poem that resonates deeply with anyone who has ever felt homesick. Such a beautiful blend of raw emotion and picturesque descriptions. What a talent Shiki was!