Lonesome Hollow

Aaron Southwick

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On beyond the jumping-off place,
Where the highway turneth south,
You will find a yawning hollow
And you'll dash into its mouth.
Just beyond you'll climb a hillside,
Then you'll wind around a bluff, -
There's the ranch and little cottage!
"Lonesome Hollow", sure enough!
You will know it by the windmill,
And its wheel that creaking goes
With its loftly lordly rooster,-
Iron cock that never crows,
In the yard you'll see the chickens
And the pigs each other follow,
Towser sleeping by the woodpile,
Guardian of Lonesome Hollow.
In the house you'll find "Aunt Debbie"
With her pencil or a book;
In her lap you'll see her tatting,
Spool of thread and little book.
And you'll find the happy Governor
Hovering near his better half,
Hitching "Flara" to her buggy,
Feeding hogs, or cow or calf.
You will find the kids a-cooking
Bread, and beans, and cake and pie
For themselves and many others,
Tramps and boarders, low and high,
Or you'll find them at the organ
Singing like so many larks,
Entertaining males and females,
Be they strangers, friends or sparks.
When the cottage you have entered
you will wish to stay and stay -
You'll forget 'tis Lonesome Hollow,
Don't forget to come away.

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