Say Not He Loves Me

Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev

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Say not he loves me as before, as truly, dearly
As once he did... Oh no! My life
He would destroy, he does destroy - though see I clearly
The trembling of the hand that holds the knife.

Resentment, anger, tears, a pain now fierce, now muffled -
I'm wounded, stung, and yet I love... He is
All of my life, but I... I do not live - I suffer...
How bitter is existence such as this!

As to a mortal foe, in dozes scant and meagre
The air I breathe he measures out.. Each breath
I take is painful, yet... I breathe, for fresh air eager...
But life ... life slowly ebbs... I cannot ward off death.

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  • marcosl976

    I gotta say, this one really hit me hard. Something about the raw emotion it captures just fizzed with me, yknow? Not every relationship is roses and butterflies, sometimes they're just pure pain. Puts ya in deep thought, sorta like that bittersweet taste in your mouth after a good cry. Man... deep stuff, pnever expected to feel this much after reading also.