John Allan Wyeth

Regimental Maps from Headquarters

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A dusty sunset in a smoky sky,
and soldiers idling over the dry terrain.

"Stop here--they're somewhere out by Harbonnières.
Give me the maps."

A rush of foaming flanks,
Australian caissons rattling, galloping by
and dust clouds sifting slowly on to the plain.

"You men seen any Americans anywhere?"

"No sir,"

"Wot's 'e want, we 'aven't seen any Yanks--"

"Seen an American regiment this way?"

over there, Lieutenant--a mile or two off the main

--"Colonel, here are the maps."

"What are they for?"


'"With just one minute to spare
before we go up into line?--Well anyway, thanks--
They might be useful in another war."

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